How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Drop in Temperature

Rosen Hyundai Winter Car Maintenance Tips

“Winterizing” your vehicle, or simply making necessary checks and maintenance fixes to prepare for winter, must be done before the cold weather season arrives. AAA, the popular preventative car care servicer, designated October as Car Care Month to help all motorists check their vehicles before true winter conditions begin to set in. Tiffany Wright, a AAA spokesperson, says, “The switch from warm weather to cold temps can be tough on your vehicle.” To help your vehicle further adapt, schedule some minor maintenance here at Rosen Hyundai to keep it in top shape. Wright continued saying, “There are some simple checks and maintenance that you can do right now to help your vehicle stay in top condition.” October may have been designated as “Car Care Month”, but we here at Rosen Hyundai believe every month should be. It’s important, especially as the temperatures start to drop, to maintain maintenance checks.


Checking your battery seems like an arbitrary thing to do, especially because it’s somewhat difficult to check on your own. Therefore, consider taking your vehicle in to a reliable service center to have a qualified technician perform a battery load test. Around 32 degrees, a battery can be up to 35 percent weaker than at warmer temperatures. At zero degrees, a car’s battery loses approximately 60 percent of its overall strength.


Check your tires, as they should always be inflated to the manufacturers specifications and have enough tread on the exterior. If tires are having trouble holding pressure, consider taking them in or replacing them here at Rosen Hyundai. To check tire tread, look for “wear bars” that run across the hollow of each thread; if the threads are the same height as the wear bar, it’s time to replace tires. Tires can have a major impact on winter transportation, so be sure to help yourself and get them checked out.


Checking windshield wipers, fluids and defrosters are all very important aspects of preparing your car for winter. Wipers and defrosters should all be in good working conditions. If your wipers are streaky and inefficient, replacing them is the next appropriate step. Having clear vision is vital to commuting in tough conditions, and even more so in winter. Refill washer fluid reservoirs with no-freeze washer fluid to help defrost your windshield when conditions become icy.


For more information regarding prepping your car for winter, visit Rosen Hyundai. Our team of professionals will assist in checking out your vehicle to make sure it’s ready to take on the winter months! You can schedule a service appointment today or come right on in to Rosen Hyundai. We look forward to seeing you!


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