Hyundai Spring Maintenance Tips

Hyundai Spring Maintenance Tips

Can you feel the breeze beginning to warm, the snow starting to melt and the sun shining on your face? It means only one thing – Spring is here! Maybe it’s human nature, but this defrost from winter always signals an exodus of clutter. If this also rings true for you, follow the five steps below to help you spring clean your vehicle!


  1. Tackle the interior

Cars collect a myriad of junk throughout the winter. From extra pairs of gloves to crumbs from your breakfast on the go, the interior of most car looks like a lost and found. If the interior of your vehicle looks similar to most people, it is beneficial to clean out all of your excess winter gear and store it away until the year’s winter. Then, you have to get down and dirty. Wipe all of your inside mirrors with glass cleaner, vacuum the floor mats and seat cracks and dust the dashboard. Feel free to even change your old air freshener that probably ran out of its scent a long time ago. Remember to save all the loose change you find. This will come in handy when you need cash for tolls!


  1. TLC under the hood

The cold, dry weather leaves many of us with dry skin, cracked lips and static-prone hair, but did you know that this harsh weather also negatively impacts your battery, oil and fluids? A few ways to keep everything under the hood working smoothly long into the warmers months are to clean the dirt off your battery, get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles and flush out the old transmission fluid.


  1. Okay tires now let’s get in rotation!

All Beyoncé puns aside, it is crucial to give your tires some much needed maintenance for the spring season. This includes rotating your tires and checking your tires pressure. The front tires typically wear faster than the back tires, so rotating them regularly will make them all last longer. Because most of us are not as wealthy as the Carters, regularly rotating your tires helps keep future vehicle-related costs down.


  1. All brakes no gas

A vehicle’s brakes really take a beating, so your mechanic should check out the rotors and pads to make sure everything is functioning properly. Not only are broken brakes really dangerous, but they are also expensive to fix.


  1. Get a fresh wax (one for your vehicle, too!)

Now that the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and your city is defrosting, what better way to spend your time cruising around town than in a freshly washed and waxed vehicle? Just like the interior of your vehicle, the exterior also collects dirt and grime throughout the winter. Even salt from the roads can diminish your vehicle’s paint, so taking your whip through the car wash will take your newly cleaned vehicle from drag to fab!


Click here if you want to learn a few more spring cleaning tips, or visit your Algonquin Hyundai dealer! Not only does your Hyundai dealership offer the best cleaning products for your vehicle, but they also have 2019 Hyundai models for sale. Who knows? You might find the perfect new Hyundai to cruise around in.

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