How to Get the Best Possible Gas Mileage

Whether you are looking for a new vehicle or happy with the one you are already driving, gas mileage is important. If it wasn’t, no one would talk about it. Gas mileage determines how often you have to fill up, so wouldn’t it be nice to get the best gas mileage for your Hyundai? Follow the tips below to do just that!


Don’t drive fast or brake hard

Your vehicle will get the best gas mileage if you keep speeds reasonable and acceleration moderate. Did you know that fuel economy peaks between 25 and 50 mph? Meaning that larger vehicles perform better closer to 50 mph while smaller vehicle perform best near the beginning of that range. One tip to get the best fuel economy for your vehicle is to find its sweet spot and set the cruise control. By doing so, you will reduce the amount of times you aggressively accelerate or decelerate.


Follow the automakers recommendations

It is always a good idea to follow the recommendations stated by your automaker. If your vehicle is supposed to use higher octane, do it. If not, you not only risk improper combustion, but you also risk your engine running less efficiently.


Don’t stall

Lastly, drivers can get the best gas mileage for their vehicle by not stalling. This means avoid drive thrus and every situation that requires you to stay idle with the engine on. Why burn gas when you’re not moving? So skip the drive thru and park and go in next time – it might just improve your gas mileage and keep some money in your wallet.


Click here for more information about gas mileage or visit your Algonquin Hyundai dealership today! At Rosen Hyundai we have a wide selection of hybrid, electric, and other Hyundai models that have great gas mileage. Come on down to check out some of them and take one for a test drive to see for yourself!

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