What Is the Difference Between the Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe XL?

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a popular SUV option. This vehicle can give you room for passengers and cargo as you take on your everyday life. However, you may be wondering, what the difference between the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Hyundai Santa Fe XL is. You can learn more about the Santa Fe versus the Santa Fe XL below.

There are a couple of differences between the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Santa Fe XL. However, the biggest difference is the size of these vehicles. The two-row Hyundai Santa Fe used to be known as the Santa Fe Sport, but now, it is just the Santa Fe. Also, the three-row Santa Fe is now known as the Santa Fe XL. The XL is larger in that it has an extra row of seating, but it is also slighting longer in length. The Santa Fe is 188 inches in length, while the Santa Fe XL is 193 inches in length.

Another difference between the two vehicles is the cargo space. In the Santa Fe, you only have two rows of seating, so behind those two rows, you have 35.9 cubic feet of cargo space. Then, with the seats folded down, you have 71.3 cubic feet of cargo space. The XL is longer, but not significantly, so with the third row in place, you have 13.5 cubic feet of cargo space. However, with the seat area, you get up to 80 cubic feet of cargo space.

The size difference, difference in seating capacity, cargo area difference, and more all contribute to another difference between these vehicles. There is also a price difference. The Santa Fe XL is bigger, it and it offers you more room for passengers. This makes it come in at a slightly higher price than the normal Santa Fe. The three-row XL starts at a price of around $30,000, while the Santa Fe starts at a price around $25,000.

Which option is better for you? We hope this Hyundai Santa Fe comparison helped you decide. The Santa Fe and Santa Fe XL are both great SUV options. The biggest difference is the passenger capacity, which influences the price. If you are looking for a larger family vehicle, the XL might be a good option. However, if you are looking for a slightly smaller SUV, be sure to check out the Santa Fe.

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