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At-Home EV Charging IONIQ 5

How to Charge Your IONIQ 5 at Home

Traveling up to an EPA-estimated 303 miles on a single charge, the IONIQ 5 has the highest all-electric range of any Hyundai. And it’s one of the fastest charging electric vehicles out there. In...
EV Fuel Cost VS Gas

EV Re-Charge vs. Traditional Fuel-up Cost

On the market for a new vehicle? With more savings than ever, tax incentives, and an eco-friendlier driving experience, electric vehicles offer a lot of advantages over gas vehicles.  Plus, Hyundai makes switching from...
Autonomous Hyundai Ioniq 5 Partners With UberEats

Self-Driving Ioniq Joins Uber Eats

Hyundai Motor Company recently launched a global campaign called “Innovation Begins, from Very Human Things.” Its vision for self-driving robotaxis now includes partnering with Motional and UberEats to test a new end-to-end autonomous food...